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ACAP Online Tools Training
Posted On:
Monday, November 18, 2019
ACAP Online Tools Training
ACAP Online Tools Training
Directions for accessing ACAP Online Tools Training

Accessing Online Tools Training for ACAP


Online Tools Training (OTT) is a practice test scenario that teachers and students can use to become accustomed to the tools required to complete the ACAP. Unlike past exams, students must be familiar with these tools, as they are required to use them to complete specific questions

*Note that this training is only for using the tools - the content of the questions is not to be used as practice test questions. 

OTT can be accessed anywhere - students can practice at home, but it is not supported on cell phone browsers. The OTT runs on a standard Google Chrome web browser and can be accessed by students and parents outside of the school environment as well. 

To access OTT: 

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Online Tools Training”

  3. Click the appropriate subject. 

  4. Click the appropriate grade level. 

  5. Enter the username and password that are shown on the screen into the text boxes. This username/password will remain the same for this specific subject/grade level. Teachers and students do not need individual logins to access OTT. 

  6. Once you have entered into the test screen, you will see the test format exactly as students will see it when they are completing the operational test. Utilize the Continue, Next, and Back buttons to go through the test directions. 

  7. After going through the direction screens, you will be able to “Begin the Test.”

  8. In OTT, the only difference from the operational test is the “Practice Hints.” Use these to guide students through using the various tools. 

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