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2014 Track Team!!!!



Girls                              Boys

Ashley Carter                  Mason Pligreen                                            

Natalie James                 Jared Jones          

Summer Nolan                Natthan Desedare

Shelby Bevan                  Logan Hicks

Kenzie Bayer                   Dylan Cassar

Kaylee Adams                 Hunter Warr

Cameron Mainor              Hunter Brasher

Ashlyn Turner`                Austin Fells

Katelyn Mitchell               Kaleb Blackman

Alexandira Hill                Tristan Ferrell

Cateria Williams             Graydon Albritton

Lauren Miller                   Matt Wahters

Holly Williams

Laura Hall

Lacy Lynn

Ella Parrott

Aryana James

I am so excited about this year!! I hope my team is also! LETS GET READY TEAM!!!!!!!

We will have a meeting Tuesday,  January 21st during break in the small gym. Conditioning will start Wednesday, January 22nd from 3:30-5:00.