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While schools are closed, Audible is open FREE to ALL STUDENTS! Listen to books as you read along.

Wed Apr 08 05:42 PM

TED Talks
TED Talks

35 Must-Watch TED Talks for Kids and Teens

Wed Apr 08 05:39 PM

Virtual Field Trips
Virtual Field Trips

25 Amazing Virtual Field Trips for Kids—Spring 2020

Wed Apr 08 05:36 PM

Author Read-Alouds
Author Read-Alouds

Check out the list of the many authors who are doing virtual read-alouds to find one you like.

Wed Apr 08 05:34 PM

Plagiarism Checker

Wed Apr 08 05:20 PM

OWL logo

Use OWL as a resource for writing questions and improvement.

Wed Apr 08 05:16 PM

Free E-Books

This website includes hundreds of free short stories and e-books.

Wed Apr 08 05:14 PM