Supply List


Required Materials  (Due August 13)

(1) 3-Ring binder

Loose-leaf paper

(4) Dividers

Sheet protectors

(300) Index cards (3x5)

Pencils (NO PENS!!)

Dictionary & thesaurus 


Required Reading- 6th

The Outsiders, S. E. Hinton (starting Nov. 16)

Prisoner B-3087, Alan Gratz (starting Feb. 1)

One Crazy Summer, Rita Williams-Garcia (starting Apr. 12)


Required Reading- 7th

The Princess Bride, William Goldman (starting Nov. 16)

Milkweed, Jerry Spinelli (starting Feb. 1)

Refugee, Alan Gratz (starting Apr. 12)


Requested Materials  

Copy paper (any color)

Loose-leaf paper

Pens (red)




Paper towel

Sheet protectors

Disinfectant spray

Hand sanitizer

Dry-erase markers