Syllabus (7th)


Ms. Arsenault

English Language Arts 6 & 7

Room 127


Contact Information


Remind 101: @2c5c1 to 81010 

ENGLISH  7  Syllabus



Course Description


We will spend the school year thinking critically and analytically about

literature and informational text, improving our writing and language skills

through daily practice, and strengthening our oral communication skills.

All of these skills are necessary for success and transcend the classroom walls. 



RequiredMaterials             Requested Materials                 RequiredReading

(1) Binder with loose paper                          Copy paper (white & colored)                         1st: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

(4) Dividers                                                     Tissue                                                                   2ndThe Giver by Lois Lowry

(300) Index cards                                          Paper towels                                                       3rd: Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli

Sheet protectors                                             Disinfecting spray & wipes                             4th: The Princess Bride by William Goldman             

Pencils (*NO PENS!*)                                Pencils                                                                                                                                                           

Dictionary & Thesaurus                                Erasers                                                                

   *We will begin reading The Hunger Gameson Monday, August 22.


Scholastic Book Club


There is a Scholastic Book Club account for the class. The class code is PK6C2. Scholastic usually has the required reading novels, but inventory and prices do change monthly. Orders can be placed online at www.clubs.scholastic.comor with check/cash. Checks must be made out to Scholastic. I have new monthly special catalogs in the classroom for students to take home, but orders can be placed online at any time. I typically place one order a month. Online orders will automatically ship to the school.

Classroom Expectations 


v  Students are kind and respectful to themselves, Ms. Arsenault, and their fellow classmates at all times. Disrespectful behavior is absolutely not tolerated.

v  Students are responsible and resourceful by entering the classroom quietly, being seated promptly after

turning in any assignments that are due to the appropriate basket before the bell rings, reading the daily agenda, and beginning bell work.

v  Students raise their hand and wait to be called on to ask questions and/or add to class discussions.

v  No students are out of their seat unless given permission by Ms. Arsenault.

v  Students plan accordingly and use their time efficiently and wisely between classes. No personal passes

are given during class time.


Consequence Sequence

1.       Verbal warning

2.      Break detention

3.              Parental contact

4.              Morning detention

5.              Referral / parent-teacher conference


Grading Policy

Major grades (essays, tests, projects)                 65%

Minor grades (quizzes, classwork, homework)      35%




Solid and consistent communication between the teacher, student, and guardian(s) is key to providing a successful learning environment so do not hesitate to contact me for any reason. My contact information is at the top of the syllabus. I check my email regularly during the week until 4 p.m. Messaging me through Remind is the best way to contact me after school. Please give me at least 24 hours to respond to any form of communication.  If you would like to schedule a conference, please email me or leave a message with our front office. I send reminders through Remind weekly.




Assignment Expectations & Details

v  Homework

  • Students are required to read assigned pages/chapters of novels we are reading in class. Most other homework usually begins as classwork. If you seem to have an abundant amount of homework, you are likely not using your class time wisely. Homework assignments are on the agenda board in the back of the classroom, and it is the responsibility of the student to copy down the assignment. Unless otherwise noted, homework is due the next class period.


    v  Quizzes

  • Reading quizzes are a possibility for every reading assignment given. Therefore, when students are assigned a certain number of chapters/pages to read for homework, they should come to class prepared to take a comprehension quiz of the assigned reading.


v  Vocabulary

  • Vocabulary acquisition is vital to improving reading comprehension, writing skills, and oral communication. Students receive ten new vocabulary words every week (set A or set B) and test on twenty words (one unit) every other week. Students should spend at least ten minutes per night studying their vocabulary flashcards to truly retain the new vocabulary. A vocabulary worksheet is assigned for homework for each unit. The worksheet is very good review for the test because they are formatted very similarly. I usually allow students to turn in the worksheet early so they can make corrections before the due date.


    v  Late Work

  • Late classwork and homework will not be accepted. No exceptions. You’re in middle school. Be responsible and resourceful. Homework must be turned in to the appropriate basket before the bell or it will NOT be accepted.
  • Late major grades (projects and essays) may be turned in up to three days after the assignment’s due date for an automatic penalty of 10% of the total grade for each day the assignment is late.



Attendance & Make-up Policy

Success, in life and in the classroom, begins with punctuality and being both mentally and physically present. If you are not both physically and mentally in the classroom you cannot benefit from the instructional process that is taking place. Taking responsibility for completing your assignments and maintaining an organized notebook as not to lose your schoolwork is part of becoming a responsible, resourceful, college and career ready student. Keeping up with your work and turning your work in completed is neither my responsibility, nor anyone else’s responsibility but your own. Therefore, all work is due on the assigned due date. If a student is absent on the day a previously assigned assignment is due, he/she must turn in the assignment on the day the student returns. Make-up work forms are completed for each student who is absent and placed in the appropriate class folder on the make-up work board. It is the student’s responsibility to get his/her make-up work form(s) and handouts needed to complete the assignment. All make-up work must be returned within (3) three days to receive credit. No make-up work should be completed during class unless instructed to do so. Any make-up work completed during instructional time will be confiscated and will not receive credit. 




Policies to Sign and Return


Please read the following items carefully with your child and place a check in each box after reading the information. After responding to all of the boxes, sign the bottom and return this page to Ms. Arsenault. The syllabus must be kept in a sheet protector inside your binder.



  • I have read the syllabus and understand Ms. Arsenault’s policies and expectations.


  • I have signed up for Remind 101 by texting the code @2c5c1 to 81010 or by emailing


  • Additional information will be sent home later in the year regarding the curriculum-related films we will be watching.


  • Plagiarism:  During this school year, your child will be composing four different types of essays: descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive. If a student knowingly copies information or

essays from another student’s work or the internet and submits it as his/her own, this constitutes intentional plagiarism.  An essay or project that is intentionally plagiarized will receive a grade

of zero.


Occasionally, a student will unintentionally plagiarize because he/she is not familiar with the rules

of citing an outside source.  To avoid unintentional plagiarism, I encourage all my students, when

they are in doubt about how to use information from somewhere outside their brains, to ASK ME

In asking me, I am able to ascertain that the student did NOT intend to plagiarize; there is no point deduction or grade penalty for unintentional plagiarism, as long as the student does not continue

to make the same mistake again and again. So when in doubt – ASK!!




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Respectful.  Responsible. Resourceful.