1st Period - 7th Grade Math

7:45 - 8:53

2nd Period - 6th Grade Math

8:57 - 9:57

3rd Period - 7th Grade Math

10:13 - 11:13

4th Period - 8th Grade Math

11:17 - 12:52

Lunch 11:58 - 12:21

5th Period - Planning

12:56 - 1:56

6th Period - Computer Education (7th)

2:00 - 3:00

Remind Codes:

Text 81010 or use the app!

1st Period: @7math1bell

2nd Period: @6mathbell

3rd Period: 7math2bell

4th Period: 8mathbell

Students are expected to follow the rules outlined in the MMS handbook. Otherwise, there will be appropriate consequences depending on severity: see Classroom Management Form with Student Handbook.

About Me:

I am a graduate of Auburn University Montgomery, and super excited to be at Marbury Middle School! I am married and have the cutest little boy!

I am looking forward to a great school year with your students, and hope to make a real impact on how they learn and view Math!

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